Rustical House en


Traditional Istrian style adapted to today's times.

The rustic style brings nostalgia of the past, past times, and beautiful memories. It is characterized by natural materials, such as a lot of wood and stone, and hand-made decorations and functional elements.

Rustica mumbled us with the details and the feeling of warmth at home. The warmth of home, comfort and furniture made of natural materials (such as full wood) are the cornerstones of this style.

The essential elements in the rustic design are:

Lighting (Luminaires)
Open fireplace on wood
Tough colors
Old quality materials
Other details from the past

In the case of rustic design, the following conditions must be met to achieve maximum effect: large rooms and high ceilings. These conditions need to be fulfilled due to the fact that the rustic furniture is massive and simply requires space to come to its fullest expression.

The floors are preferably covered with wood or terracotta materials, and old decorative beams are tucked under high ceilings.

If you have enough stress, rushing style of life, asphalt and concrete, and you want a plethora of romantic and old times, then the rustic house is the right choice for you. Just imagine, in the morning instead of the scent and the noise of the car you hear the twitter of birds and feel the fresh air and the scent of nature ....

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